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Case Studies

Organizational Development Success Story: Current, Custom and Cutting Edge Training

Situation: Small businesses, large employers, government agencies and colleges and universities regularly seek live and web-based training programs that are cutting edge, interactive, “real world,” and/or compliant with employment laws, rules, and regulations. A tall order given that these programs must be tailored to each unique workplace, and require extremely broad-ranging expertise.

A New Solution: HR Anew’s award winning specialists in adult learning and education are employment attorneys, compliance experts, organizational development practitioners, executive coaches, motivational speakers, college professors, and human resource practitioners. With such a wide range of expertise and specialization, HR Anew is able to provide hot topics and employer topics that are custom-designed, achieve organization or business goals, manage costs, and increase profitability.

Why It’s Better HR: As current events and other environmental factors impact the workplace, Training and Professional Development needs to respond with programs that engage and affect positive change without straining the client’s budget. The combination of custom, current and cutting edge training enables companies to continually forward their employees’ skills and knowledge in fast-changing times.

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