Career Coaching 101
February 14, 2022

It’s a new year! With every new year comes an opportunity for reflection and potential for personal growth. What we are seeing today is now referred to as the Great Resignation, a movement where employees leave their jobs in droves searching for a more meaningful career. If you’ve considered a career change or are unsure of the career path, you are on, consider working with one of HR Anew’s Career Coaching 101, Coaches! 


Career Coaching 101


What is a Career Coach?

If “Career Coach” is an unfamiliar phrase to you, here is a simple explanation. A career coach is an unbiased professional who can provide objective advice regarding your individual career goals. A career coach will get to know you, your skills and abilities as an individual, and then offer career advice. A career coach is essentially a professional mentor focused on helping you search for the right career to serve you! Many career paths entail a significant investment, whether through industry training or advanced degrees. A career coach can help you decide if this career is the right path for your future BEFORE you make a significant decision that requires investing your time and money.


How Can HR Anew’s Career Coaches Help?

We guide individuals through the career decision-making process through a seven-step system:


  1. Assess yourself/determine your goals;
  2. Design your career plan;
  3. Discover your career prospects;
  4. Create a communications strategy;
  5. Build and utilize your network;
  6. Perform for career success; and  
  7. Realize your career vision.


Think of your career coach as a “sounding board” for your many career concerns. As professional career coaches, we will provide mentorship by actively listening to your dreams, hopes, and goals. We can help you create a workable blueprint to guide you in moving toward your career goals.


What to Expect from HR Anew’s Career Coaching Services

We’ve mastered many methodologies as human resources professionals to help you gain insights into your career. Typically, our Career Coaches utilize Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or frequent phone calls to open up a discussion with clients. We can also help you search for a job or experience a career transition. Our career coaching sessions usually last for about one hour, once per week for a designated period of time. 


Career Coaching in Your Current Position

Perhaps you’ve already chosen your career path, and up until recently, you’ve found fulfillment in your path. If you are experiencing discomfort or disappointment in your career but want to work through it, our team can help. After assessing the issue, we can devise solutions to overcome these current challenges. 


Work with HR Anew

Are you ready to take the next step and start exploring your best career options? HR Anew wants to help! Connect with us to begin your individualized Career Coaching program. Schedule a meeting at to learn more.