Effective Recruitment Strategies in the Great Resignation
October 18, 2021

Given the impact of the COVID pandemic and the great resignation, many employers have pivoted their hiring practices. Recruitment and hiring the right talent is one of the biggest challenges employers are facing today. Gone are the days when a candidate would come to your physical office for an interview.

Moreover, instead of ensuring they arrive on time for the interview, candidates now worry and hope that their animals, children, or neighbors do not make a ton of noise when they are in a virtual video meeting or conference call. Additionally, most recruitment and hiring actions have moved to a digital process over the last year and a half, with its benefits and challenges.

One benefit to digital interviews is the ability to expand the search boundaries. Employers can now hire talent from around the country, especially if the position is remote. Although it is important to understand employment compliance in states where you hire employees, employers are no longer limited to hiring local employees or independent contractors. The COVID pandemic has taught us that remote work and flexible work schedules are viable options suitable for businesses with sound systems and digital technologies.

Other benefits of hiring a remote or flexible workforce include:

  • Increased productivity and collaboration;
  • Reduced stress and anxiety, and cost savings on commute time for staff;
  • Improved emotional and physical health and wellbeing that results in decreased use of sick leave;
  • Reduced office space and operation expenses;
  • Expanded business days by having a team that works in various time zones;
  • Enhanced retention of the workforce; and a
  • Healthier world and environment as a result of reduced emissions.


A recent study reported that the remote work model could save an employer $10,000 per employee per year in real estate costs alone. Multiply this by your entire team, and this can be a significant saving.

A challenge associated with the digital interview model is the inability to offer in-person intimacy that onsite interviews create. While it is simple to confirm a Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting for potential new hires, it is more difficult to truly gauge a candidate’s body language and read them well via the internet. 

Bringing a potential employee into the office allows the opportunity to walk them around, introduce them to who they may be working alongside, and better assess if they are an excellent fit to include the organization’s culture, working environment, and management and leadership style. Another challenge is a national recruitment model creates greater difficulty for the local business community when it comes to hiring.

According to a national unemployment report, as of September 6, 2021, about 7.5 million Americans no longer have extra federal unemployment benefits, which provided an additional $300 per week. This change will likely influence more people to seek employment or independent contractor opportunities. 

However, be prepared to answer questions regarding your company or organization’s remote work or flex day policies. What will you do to stand out from other employers and ensure you hire the right person for the right position? What interview questions are best for you to ask to help ensure you are hiring or engaging the right person for the right job for your company? Connect with HR Anew for solutions and answers to these questions.

Whether in an advisory capacity or as your recruiter, HR Anew helps employers solve their business problems with leading and inspiring talent. We deliver new ideas and enhanced systems and solutions to optimize the products and services you provide to your customers. Moreover, we go beyond helping you find the right talent – we help them grow, learn, and be better producers in your workplace.

See what HR Anew can do to help solve the people dilemma in your workplace:

Long Term Staffing

We have a proven track record of hiring staff on our payroll to support employers, often later transitioning them to direct hires for our clients.

Sourcing/Recruitment Process Outsourced (RPO)

As a virtual recruiter, we advertise, source, review resumes, and introduce you to the most viable candidates. Our recruiters will use current job descriptions, post job announcements using diverse platforms, network and use social media platforms, review resumes, interview multiple candidates, coordinate interviews with your hiring team, check references and conduct background investigations.

Direct Placement (Recruitment and Staffing)

Our recruiters take a big-picture perspective. We focus on ensuring a high return on your investment and have a 96% retention rate of candidates we place with our clients. Using a standardized recruitment system, customized recruitment plan, innovative assessment and screening tools, and a structured interview process, HR Anew will deliver suitable candidates for your consideration.

We have a proven recruitment and talent acquisition track record of presenting qualified and fit candidates committed to performance excellence, an optimal customer experience, innovation, and lifelong learning.

A strategic alliance with a recruitment outsourced provider like HR Anew can deliver a customized approach to support your mission and strategic goals. We give our clients back their time, present highly qualified people, expand the hiring team, and increase the depth and diversity of your talent. Whether you operate in the private, nonprofit, or public sector, your talent is often the limiting factor for sustainable success. HR Anew recruiters will help your company or organization meet these challenges.

For more information about HR Anew and how we can help, schedule or Schedule a Meeting at https://hranewtoolbox.com/request-a-meeting/.