Enhance Team Productivity, Communications, and Collaboration for your Small Business with Human Technology
March 23, 2023

Human technology has become essential for small businesses to be competitive and efficient. According to a recent study conducted by BetterCloud, employers with fewer than 50 people are using an estimated 16 business applications, and employers with more than 1,000 team members provide greater than 177 SaaS applications to their workforce.

Technology is everywhere, from smartphones to laptops, social media to e-commerce platforms. Technology has also become essential for businesses to stay competitive and efficient in the workplace. Human systems and communication technologies and tools have become crucial for organizations and companies to improve performance and productivity and achieve goals faster. However, keeping up with the latest workplace human and human resources (HR) technology can be overwhelming, which is where HR Anew’s portals for the small employer community, Worksmartanew, which includes Hradvisersanew, come in.

HR Anew’s Worksmartanew portal provides various small organizations, businesses, and teams with solutions that enhance communication and collaboration, central and deliver permission-based access to valuable documents, provide workforce education and training, expand the community to include external clients and strategic alliances when needed, gives access to all other business technologies from a central location, supports collaboration through live chat and team communications, and is accessible 24/7 from a desktop, laptop, or smart device through Apple Store or Google Play. It also offers federal and state law posters, in-depth, easy-to-use HR guides, templates, forms, and documents, human resources trends and forecasts, and access to a community of business leaders and HR professionals through the Hradvisersanew portal. HR Anew’s human technology serves an employer’s team members by ensuring a central point to access team member benefits, templates, forms, documents, announcements, and other information to increase productivity. These benefit leaders and HR, give back time and empowers the team with a sense of ownership.

Effective communication is critical to building a strong workplace culture, and Worksmartanew offers various tools to enhance communication and collaboration among team members. By subscribing to Worksmartanew, small businesses and organizations can stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the benefits of automation, data analytics, and effective communication and collaboration for an affordable investment.

In conclusion, keeping up with the latest human technology can be challenging for employers. However, by subscribing to Worksmartanew, your organization or small business can stay ahead of the curve and enjoy the benefits of automation, data analytics, new features, and effective communication for an affordable investment. So, level up your team and small business. Visit the link below, learn more, or subscribe to Worksmartanew today!


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