Getting to know the HR Anew Toolbox
October 20, 2021

HR Anew’s mission is to help employers, teams and external customers better communicate, collaborate, and learn. Their vision is to deliver ground-breaking a digital Knowledge Asset Management, Performance, and productivity portal to support all business units. Both their mission and vision are in line to foster different ideas, insights, expertise, education and experience to inspire a creative work environment. The HR Anew Toolbox was designed to do just that.

The HR Anew Toolbox™  is “The Everything for Knowledge Management and Productivity Portal™”. HR Anew offers innovative, forward-thinking, dynamic and interactive solutions. It aids in accelerating HR management, equal employment opportunity, employee relations, and learning through digital innovation and transformation. The portal was designed to help employers and employees communicate, collaborate, perform and foster a diverse and on time learning environment where real-life experience, performance, and engagement is optimized. It is a reliable, easy-to-use portal that helps to establish a company’s knowledge assets in a new way.

We are experiencing rough waters and navigating through this new normal isn’t easy, but having a customized platform to make onsite and remote work collaborative, creative and educational is exactly what companies need. Every company’s portal is kept safely in a private cloud based security protected digital environment that is HIPPA compliant and backed by technical support.

The HR Anew Toolbox enriches education and collaboration all in one place. It helps a company organize assets for:

  • Administration and operations
  • Cultural transformation
  • Digital learning
  • Employee relations
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Human resource management
  • Project management

Did you know that the annual employee loses 280 hours annually looking for information that is already out there, which results in an average loss of $10,360. The HR Anew Toolbox™ saves a company time and money with features like strategic business communications, workshare collaboration, project management, centralized digital document and file management, employee pulse surveys, skills testing, group chats and virtual self-paced learning in a user-friendly system.

The HR Anew Toolbox™ offers a mobile app that allows employees to share files and communicate anywhere across the world. More and more companies are moving to a work from home format, which allows companies to hire employees who live anywhere in the world. Having the ability to collaborate in the same space, even miles apart, is extremely beneficial as we head into 2022.

The HR ANew Toolbox™ also provides services like a customer relationship management platform (CRM) and an extensive learning library that provides online access to curated articles, videos, workbooks and presentations. The Toolbox also encourages a positive employee relationship that promotes a harmonious work culture that improves loyalty and retention. Within the Toolbox, employees also gain access to HR Anew’s curated team of medical, emotional wellness and other experts on the Tele Employee Relations Hotline.

There is so much more that the HR Anew Toolbox™ has to offer. Want to learn more about how HR Anew can support your workplace and your customers? Schedule a Meeting with us today and learn more about what the Toolbox has to offer.