How to Help Your Employees Avoid Burnout
November 1, 2021

Work-related stress is all too common in business, but the Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this issue for employees. There’s a fine line between typical workplace stress and full on employee burnout. Your organization should be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of employee burnout and intervene before it’s too late. So what are some tools that organizations can use to improve employee relations and prevent an employee potentially leaving the company? We are sharing a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

Look for the Early Signs of Employee Burnout

Employee burnout doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that builds over time and, typically, there are a variety of signs a burned out employee may start exhibiting. It’s crucial to educate your management team on the signs of a burned out employee. This can include when an employee visibly looks exhausted or depleted. They may start exhibiting negative or cynical behaviors, while openly criticizing their job or the workplace. Some will simply start to drift off and show a complete lack of motivation. Another sign is when the employee is making more mistakes than usual or not taking their work seriously. Your management team should be on the lookout for these kinds of signs so they can implement the appropriate response quickly.

Communication is Key

Many times, there are things going on behind the scenes with employees in their personal lives that managers may not be privy to. Keeping an open line of communication between an employee and their manager is key to understanding what’s really going on with your potentially burned out employee. They need to feel comfortable coming to their supervisor or human resources manager when they are feeling overworked or pulled into too many different directions. If they have something happening in their personal life, they need to feel comfortable enough to communicate that feeling – without oversharing – what they are needing to alleviate some pressure.

Encourage Healthy Work-Life Balance

This step is crucial to the well-being of your employees. Many workers are feeling burned out because they are spending so much time working, either in-person or remotely. Encouraging healthy work-life balance is the answer to combat this burn out. Taking time away from work or the office is essential for the mental health of your employees. Be sure to encourage them to use their Paid Time Off or Vacation Days to rest and recharge. Even if they do not take a full day off of work, encourage them to at least step away from their desk for a cup of coffee or a walk around the block.

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