HR Trends for 2022
December 13, 2021

Human resources is an ever-evolving industry with new trends to monitor and adapt to, and 2022 will be no exception. While the changes that have taken place during the COVID-19 pandemic have caught many businesses and employers off-guard, there are more challenges to come in 2022 that recruiters need to be prepared for. Now more than ever, it’s important for your company or business to have a solid HR strategy in place to understand this changing workforce to move your company forward. Here are several areas of focus for HR departments to consider before the new year.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

One of the biggest considerations for employees is whether their company will continue to offer remote work options. This is a trend that’s certainly here to stay in 2022. As a younger generation enters the workforce, employees want the flexibility and remote work availability that was experienced during the beginning of the pandemic.

Employee Mental Health is a Priority

The shift to better work-life balance and making an employee’s mental health a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic was a serious step forward in 2021. This is an important trend we predict will continue into the new year as companies fully understand the value of a healthy and mentally-well workforce. Employees have been dealing with work-related stress and burnout for decades, but thankfully the pandemic forced them to slow down and evaluate their priorities. For many, this led to quitting high-stress jobs in pursuit of mental wellness and fulfillment. Employers need to help establish and facilitate a healthy work environment to recruit and maintain their best employees.

Diversity and Inclusion are Paramount

With a great deal of job openings available in 2021, employees are becoming more selective with the companies they decide to apply to. Diversity and inclusion on a company-wide level are becoming a top priority for most employees. A company that values and champions diversity and inclusion on all-levels will be more likely to recruit and retain employees.

Work Will Have Meaning

The shift to a remote work environment allowed many employees to realize that their career not only needs to compensate them — it needs to fulfill them. Going into 2022, employers need to realize that if they are not providing their employees with a work position that allows them growth and purpose, they are going to lose out. One example of this is allowing for more flexibility in the workplace. This is the kind of work perk that appeals to employees and they are going to search for it in 2022.

Hiring Talent Internally

One creative measure that many companies are starting to take is searching for talent within their current employees. Recruitment strategies have become extremely competitive since the pandemic and many employers have turned to promoting current employees rather than an endless talent search. Many HR departments have shifted to create upward mobility programs that reward or incentivize employees for staying with a company for longer.

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