Inspiring Female Leadership
March 21, 2022

March is Women’s History Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women throughout American history. It’s incredible to realize that it’s only been about 100 years since women fought for and won the right to vote. While much has changed since then, there’s still work to be done to advance equality, especially in the workplace. We’ve compiled a list of ideas for your organization to inspire more female leadership. Keep reading for helpful tips from the experts at HR Anew!

Embrace Inclusion

Industries across the board tend to have male-dominated executive teams and management. One way to combat this and include female representation on your executive team is to openly embrace and foster an environment of inclusion. Inclusion is actively incorporating individuals of different genders, backgrounds, races, and identities into your organization. 

Welcome Feedback

Studies have shown that women in leadership roles are subjected to more criticism than their male counterparts. Women are more often required to provide evidence of their abilities than men in leadership roles. To overcome this, women in leadership roles must be willing to embrace mentoring and constructive insight. Utilize Human Resources department surveys to keep this feedback neutral and transparent. 

Inspire Gratitude

Leading with gratitude is an important skill that sets great managers apart from the so-so ones. A leader should not only steer the ship but also inspire others on the team to tap into their full potential. One way to accomplish this is to show gratitude to your team and not just for the massive things: it’s the small and authentic ways to recognize your employees that truly matter.

Be Resilient

Women are up against many barriers when placed into leadership roles. Always be sure to focus on the positive and keep moving forward, no matter the setbacks or negative incidents. We recommend tapping into your emotional intelligence as a leader to combat negative thoughts and instead focus on the future.

Show Empathy

Finally, the ability to show and practice empathy is crucial to becoming a great leader and manager. As women, we have the ability to be more attuned to the needs of our team members than the status quo. Women leaders can show empathy toward their employees by understanding what might be happening at home or in their personal life that can affect their work performance. For example, women are often the predominant caregivers at home. Understanding that an employee may be experiencing burnout and then showing them empathy and support for their situation is a great practice to becoming a better leader.

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