Overcoming the Challenges of a Hybrid Office
November 22, 2021

Change is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean humans are willing to embrace it at all times. The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed an array of changes on humans in record time, and some things are easier to adapt to than others. Virtual and hybrid office environments are one such case. While there are many incredible benefits to remote work, it does come with its own set of new challenges to navigate.

While this isn’t true of all organizations, some companies have decided to commit to a fully remote work environment indefinitely. Even though some of us have experienced working remotely for almost two years now, there are still challenges that can arise with a virtual work experience. Here at HR Anew, we want to provide helpful human resource solutions and tips should these challenges arise for your team.

How to Handle New Hires

If your organization has been in business since before the pandemic, then you will certainly employ people who were used to face-to-face interaction. But what happens when you introduce a new hire to a team that’s already established, albeit working virtually? Employees who have been with the team for a long period of time have a sense of company culture and team camaraderie from days before the pandemic. A new hire will naturally feel left out of this camaraderie as someone who is being introduced virtually to the team. So what’s the solution? One way to make everyone feel included is to host company events with the hybrid employees as priorities. If you are able to host in-person get-togethers, it’s important to make the new hires feel part of the team from the get-go. Another way to make new hires feel included is to ensure they have everything they need to perform at their best while working from home. This may require reevaluating your onboarding or talent acquisition processes to make sure it can handle a hybrid new hire.

Office Space Woes

If your organization plans to offer a half virtual, half in-person work experience, then you may be questioning if an office space with lots of work perks is worth the investment. The answer should always be yes – it is! Your organization is going to want a common working space for your team to come together and feel great about company culture. If cutting down on your office space budget is a thought, then consider finding a co-working space with another company to split the costs.

Management Best Practices

It can be tricky for executives to understand how to properly manage remote workers. You want to be supportive of your employees but also ensure that they are taking the necessary measures (without your watchful eye) to get the job done. We always recommend maintaining a culture of trust and open communication. Ensuring that your remote employees have the proper channels to openly communicate with upper-level management or human resource staff should help everyone stay on track for success.

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