How to Cultivate Workplace Gratitude
November 7, 2021

The holidays are typically a time that people reflect on gratitude, and the workplace is no exception! The average worker spends the majority of their time in the workplace alongside their fellow employees. It’s important to establish a culture of gratitude in the workplace—even beyond the holidays—to promote employee retention. So how can an employer accomplish this task? HR Anew is sharing a few tips to help employees reflect on daily moments of gratitude in the workplace so they can feel connected to a healthy company culture.

Use a Gratitude Jar or Wall

A fun and silly way to display workplace gratitude is to establish a gratitude jar or wall in the office. This should be in a shared space where employees are encouraged to write down something they are grateful for on a weekly basis. At the end of each month, someone in management should take a moment to read out the gratitude messages to the team. This will help with workplace camaraderie and help employees reflect on moments of gratitude they may not have considered.

Share Employee Recognition with the Team

If you have an employee who just wrapped up a major project or one who went out of their way to make something happen, then it’s important you recognize them! This recognition can make an even bigger splash when you acknowledge their achievement and efforts in front of the whole team. Take a moment at the beginning of a staff meeting or company lunch to call out and express gratitude for the work a team member accomplished. This recognition can go a long way.

Go Beyond Just Saying Thank You

While everyone likes to hear that you are grateful for their work, there are other ways to show gratitude for an employee. If your budget permits it, try to treat each of your employees to a one-on-one lunch to thank them for their work and also get to know them better. When employees feel recognized and valued, especially one-on-one with their superior, they are more likely to express gratitude for their work environment and spread positivity through the office.

Encourage Self-Care in the Office

Your employees have to know that you value their well-being and that includes their mental health. Make sure that you are communicating and encouraging that they take care of themselves. One way to do so is to encourage journaling in the office. Also welcome all employees to have a healthy work-life balance by taking time away from their desk, even for just a cup of tea or a stroll around the office. When employees feel appreciated and looked after with their mental health, they are more likely to feel grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that cares about employee relations.

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