Career Coaching

HR Anew Career Coaches guide individuals through the career decision-making process.

They help work through these seven steps to career decision making: 
1. Assess yourself/determine your goals;
2. Design your career plan;
3. Discover your career prospects;
4. Create a communications strategy;
5. Build and utilize your network;
6. Perform for career success; and  
7. Realize your career vision.


It’s important to know where you want to be in your career. Career Coaches support your efforts and share available resources.

Career Coaches use assessments and other methodologies to help you gain insights regarding your career to include what is working well and where you may be getting stuck. They help you confirm or discover your unique talents, strengths, and passions. Career Coaches focus on an individual’s current circumstances and help to create career goals, objectives, and action plans to advance your career. They concentrate on where you want to go and serve as a guide to help you get from here to there. Career Coaches use a solution-oriented approach to provide career advice. Frequently they use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or telephone calls to engage in interactive discussions with individual clients.

HR Anew’s Career Coaches can help you with a job search or career transition. We are here for you when you have not achieved the desired progress you had in mind for your career.

Career coaching sessions usually last for about one hour and generally occur once a week for a specified period. Your Career Coach will hold you accountable and encourage weekly updates towards achieving your goals and commitments.


Your Career Coach will be a “sounding board” and an experienced advisor. They wil:


Actively listen to your dreams, hopes, and goals for your career, and encourage you to explore them.


Help you to construct a workable blueprint or guide you in moving toward those goals. 


Work in collaboration with you to examine any discomfort or disappointments you are experiencing related to your career and help you devise solutions to overcome these challenges.


Administer and provide feedback on assessments to help you more clearly define your unique strengths, interests, and aptitudes. The results of any assessment or instrument will be kept strictly confidential. 

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