Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

DEIB Strategy and System That Bring Success

The workplace continues to be one of the main areas that reflects society’s views on diversity – including race and gender. The challenge for employers and business owners is to establish an accepting and diverse culture that keeps current employees happy and productive while attracting new talent.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) programs and initiatives have become even more integral to business owners and executives. The benefits and advantages that result from a strategic and well-implemented DEIB program are many. They include:


Enhanced customer and employee experiences


Greater harmony and unity in the workplace


Higher performance and productivity


Reduced claims of discrimination and harassment


Accelerated achievement of business goals.

By establishing strategy, knowledge, skills building, and action plans around a DEIB and racial equity strategy, employers can lead inclusively, allowing them to take advantage of everyone’s skills and talents.

In addition, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging strategies create an upbeat and highly energetic culture. Employees react strongly to this type of atmosphere, resulting in increased productivity and quality performance.

Treating everyone with civility, equality, dignity, and respect is a fundamental building block behind a successful DEIB program. A team that embraces each other’s similarities and differences and understands their own biases can overcome any obstacle put in their path.

Whether private, nonprofit, or government, workplaces have realized that they need to examine their current situation and then take the proper steps to transform every part of their business, from hiring practices to retention programs.

While DEIB programs can apply to all areas of an operation, it becomes vital to attract and hire employees who fit. A recent study by Glassdoor found that 76% of job seekers reported that a workforce is an essential factor when evaluating a company where they want to work.

A well-designed and implemented Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging strategy benefits a business in numerous ways. It builds a culture and sense of belonging that generates positive change, growth, and employee morale. HR Anew’s team can work with your staff to create a vibrant and healthy workplace.