The COVID-19 pandemic has tested businesses, including how managers lead their teams. With the Great Resignation still in full swing, now is a crucial time for managers to evaluate and improve their leadership skills. If you want to retain top talent and become a better boss for your team members, read this list of helpful tips from the experts at HR Anew.

Stay Positive

Staying positive should be understood. Employees value a boss that treats them with respect and civility. You never want to show a poor attitude or make a cutting remark to your employees. Instead, show your strength as a leader by being a positive role model for employees.

Strengthen the Competencies of Your Team

There is a reference that “iron sharpens iron.” As business owners, managers, and leaders, we all have strengths, and some talents are not our best suit. Surround yourself with a team that compliments your competencies and expertise and can help take your organization to another level. You may have a team of high performers, but if an employee is not contributing at the expected performance level, you must address the issue. Otherwise, you or someone else on your team will have to perform the work.

Moreover, your highly productive employees will not be happy about persons underperforming. Employees are more likely to feel motivated and contribute when the entire team gives one hundred percent in their efforts. Identify any opportunities in your team’s performance and address them with a goal to perform at a higher level.

Make Effective Decisions

Employees find it challenging to work for a leader who cannot make up their mind. That is why a boss needs to make effective decisions timely. Rise to be the best leader you can be and with insightful input from advisors, mentors, clients, or your team,  make the best decisions possible for your organization, team, and clients.

Communicate and Collaborate Often

Leadership and communication go hand in hand. As a boss, you must be willing to communicate effectively and collaborate with your team members. Communication is necessary for employees to feel valued or to accomplish team goals. Without a clear understanding of performance expectations, a team member or the group will fail.

Practice a Balanced Work and Personal Life

Prioritizing work and personal life is a growing trend in the world today. With the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers had to work remotely, which sometimes meant they never stopped working, even at night. As a manager, it is essential to demonstrate a healthy work and personal life for your employees to model. For example, if you are awake and sending emails through night hours, your employees may feel pressured to always be available in their role. Consider using the delay option to send communications so they arrive in inboxes during a typical business day. Do not forget that both work and having a personal life is essential to your well-being and your team members.

HR Anew Can Help

Do you want your time back for vacations and family time? You want expertise in HR so that this area is managed or supported with outsourced experts. Did you know that HR Anew has been helping employers with human resources solutions for more than twenty-three years? We are here to help your organization.

HR Anew helps teams be engaged, productive, performers, and fulfilled, which results in organizations growing and scaling. Connect with us when you want innovative ideas and solutions to address the topics above. Or if you are going to optimize recruiting and hiring, orientation and onboarding, productivity, employee relations, communication and collaboration, workplace education, and training for employees and management to include diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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