Employee wellness should be a top priority for your organization, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Helping to keep your employees happy and in good health can help create a more positive workplace culture and experience. If you aren’t sure how to start an employee wellness initiatives program or you have a small budget, keep reading to learn a few helpful tips from the experts at HR Anew!

Get Moving

An easy and inexpensive employee wellness initiative is to encourage your employees to get more active. You can get your team on board to have a lot of fun with this through initiatives like competitions to win incentives. Try starting a walking or running club with incentives for employees who meet goals. Encourage stretching and walking exercises before or after team meetings. Or boost morale by giving back to the community by participating in a Fun Run or Walk to benefit a local charity. 

More Mindful Eating

When your team is eating better and taking care of their health, they will perform better. That’s why we want to encourage your organization to offer more healthy options in the break room or cafeteria. Work with your vending machine supplier to offer more healthy food options. Host a “healthy potluck” lunch to encourage employees to cook better meals to share with one another. Your organization can always stock your pantry or break room with fresh fruit and veggies to snack on. 

Give Back Together

A great initiative to boost employee morale is to volunteer at a local organization together. This initiative is especially effective when it happens during work hours. Leave the office a few hours early on a Friday and try volunteering at a local food bank. Your team can enjoy socializing with one another while completing an activity that gives back to the community. 

Manage Stress

Workplaces can naturally become stressful, especially around important deadlines. We recommend scheduling a complimentary monthly stress-relief initiative for your employees. This can include hiring a professional massage therapist to give chair massages or bringing in a meditation expert. If those ideas are not in your budget, consider including a “Stress Management Tip” within your internal employee emails. 

Ask for Feedback

Finding small ways to give back to your employees will show that you appreciate them and value their health. Start by implementing one or two of the employee wellness initiatives mentioned above and then check in with your team for feedback. They may have easy and affordable wellness ideas you haven’t thought about!

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