HR Advisory Solutions

Our Advisory Solutions Make a Difference

HR Anew has been in business for more than two decades, and we have worked with multiple clients across the business spectrum. We have delivered our solutions to the government, corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits all around the country to improve their company culture, employee performance, and provide human resource (HR) advisory services.

HR Anew is staffed by competent and experienced managers, specialists, generalists, and subject matter experts in HR, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and education and training. We also count employment attorneys and former federal government managers specialists as part of our team.

Together, we’re have proven expertise in:

  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention
  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusion/Belonging
  • Education and Training for Management/Leadership and Employees
  • Employee Relations
  • Employment Compliance
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counseling, Investigations, and Mediations
  • Fact-Finding Investigations
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Mitigating Workplace Complaints
  • Organization Assessments
  • Strategy Planning

HR Advisory Solutions

Before making any change to your business or organization, a first step can be to assess the situation and gain as clear a picture as possible. From here, you can begin to make impactful changes to how you conduct business and treat employees. The result is an improved company culture and employees who appreciate their jobs.

As a company that provides comprehensive HR advisory solutions, HR Anew begins with an orientation and onboarding, so we get to know your business or organization. We recommend an HR audit, conduct individual and focus group meetings, review company systems and relevant data, and compile, analyze, and report our findings and recommendations. Then we design, develop, and implement approved strategies, processes, and deliverables.

When needed, we shall provide your leaders resources, education, training, and advice on managing employees in this new world environment and help with crucial standard operating policies. Measuring progress can be challenging, but the job becomes more manageable with the proper standards in place.

When it concerns HR advisory solutions, changes also need to affect processes that are in current use. In some scenarios, our research has revealed areas that require new approaches altogether. These can range from employee compensation to COVID prevention education, resources, and vaccinations.

Posting a job opening might be the easiest part of hiring a new employee. The process has become lengthy and complicated, with multiple interviews, reference checks, background checks, and determining if a candidate’s values, characteristics, and attributes match your business or organization’s culture.

HR Anew’s advisory solutions can help streamline your recruitment, hiring, and talent acquisition process. In some cases, our team can take care of the initial stages, freeing up your managers and hiring professionals to focus on other business priorities.

In addition to helping with recruitment, we can submit pre-qualified candidates and then assist with hiring. Onboarding can make all the difference in a new employee’s attitude and feelings of acceptance, along with the proper orientation. HR Anew can help create these processes, familiarizing your new employees or independent contractors with company policies, guidelines, and culture.

Our other advisory solutions will help employees as their careers progress within your business. Rewards and recognition programs help keep morale high, and performance management services help keep employees on the right growth path while assisting them in growing their skills and talents. Stay and exit interviews not only ensure compliance but can unearth valuable information that can apply to your current operations.

We have implemented HR Anew’s advisory solutions across many businesses and organizations, and we continue to build on our body of knowledge. We created our advisory solutions to help clients reach their full potential while freeing up time and resources. 

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