A Digital Workspace Where People Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, Create, and Build Communities

In recent years and especially during COVID, collaborating online has become a vital part of conducting business – and that includes sharing resources and information within a group or company. Moreover, research reports that every person in the workplace spends about 280 hours annually searching for digital documents, and this alone costs entities more than $10,000 per person.

The challenge for many small to medium businesses and organizations is finding an affordable digital workspace solution to give you back time, easily access historical and current information, create efficiencies, and enhance employee and customer experience and engagement. Moreover, a virtual workspace ought to increase productivity, connect colleagues and networks, share knowledge and resources, deliver education and training, assess skills, access orientation and onboarding information, and create space to collaborate and innovate on projects and tasks. Equally important is to identify a virtual workspace that is customizable, highly secure, easy to use, and is accessible via computer or mobile app from anywhere in the world. Welcome to the worksmartanew.

The worksmartanew provides a secure, fair, and open environment where people have a customized and permission-based digital workspace. Now you have access to a safe tool where your internal and external people can connect, network, communicate, collaborate, innovate, and share information. The worksmartanew also delivers a space for people to locate and better manage historical and current documents, files, articles, and media.

The worksmartanew is for People

We conceptualized our digital workspace, the worksmartanew, to help businesses and organizations grow and achieve ultimate success. This bank-grade secured online, and mobile app digital portal is available in seventeen languages. Access it from your business or organization’s website and the mobile app available in Google Play and the Apple Store. Your portal will be custom branded to reflect your business or organization’s logo, colors, icons, and shall be linked to the business applications used by your group or team.

Businesses and groups can use our portal in the private, public, nonprofit, and government spaces. We envision a high portal use in healthcare, medical, financial, government contracting, consulting, and related environments. Our digital workspace is ideal for remote, onsite, and hybrid teams and groups.

The worksmartanew is intentionally and purposefully designed such that it expands connection, communication, and collaboration with external customers and strategic alliances or partners. Besides functioning as a digital workspace, it serves diverse entities to include:


Board of Directors






Faith-based organizations




Nonprofit organizations


Strategic partners and affiliates


Student groups

Our Digital Workspace Benefits

In addition to creating your unique purpose and use of the digital workspace, we share strategic systems, tools, and resources for every digital workspace user.

Portal benefits include:

  • Access from anywhere/anytime
  • Announcements
  • Behavior, career, leadership, and competency assessments
  • Branded design to organization or group
  • Business and HR Systems, Forms, and How To Guides
  • Chat 
  • Company calendar
  • COVID prevention and vaccination verification tools
  • Dashboard
  • Document management and storage for knowledge assets
  • Discussion board, forums, and surveys
  • Education and Training resources (curated library)
  • Employment regulatory resources
  • Job announcements
  • Management reports
  • Media storage
  • Mobile App (Apple Store and Google Play)
  • Multiple Languages (17)
  • Online store
  • Orientation and onboarding systems
  • Performance Management system and tools
  • Physical and mental health and wellness resources
  • Projects and tasks management (permission-based)
  • Reachouts to individuals or groups
  • Safety and security resources
  • Shortcuts
  • User groups (standard or temporary)

Other Benefits

The worksmartanew provides executives and project managers with real-time reporting to review the status of projects and tasks and help the team progress. Management gains an instant look at each active project’s status and manages the process to help achieve milestones and stay on course for completion. Additionally, closed projects can remain in the portal for future referral, use, and knowledge asset management.

Other benefits you will find in the worksmartanew include:

  • Audit Trails
  • Bank-Grade Security
  • Custom Integrations and API
  • Customer Service Ticket System and Technical Support
  • Intranet Functions
  • Mobile Apps for iPhones and Androids
  • Multiple Languages
  • Privacy and Security Permissions
  • Private Cloud Server
  • Quick Links to Company Apps
  • Skills Assessments.

For more information about the worksmartanew and our digital workspace, Schedule a Meeting.