Take Your Organization to the
Next Level with HR Anew

HR Anew specializes in developing and implementing real time customized solutions for clients.

HR Anew specializes in developing and implementing real time customized solutions for clients. We are performance and productivity scientists, helping our clients hire and successfully manage their employees.

What differentiates our solutions is that we combine head and heart. From the perspective of the head, we help organizations create their top down strategy for the next generation of human talent management. From the perspective of the heart, we uncover what influences, engages and inspires an employer’s workforce. This helps employees maximize their individual and team performance and productivity.

Our Solutions:

Talent Acquisition

We go the extra mile to get to know our candidates as people. Not only do we assess their competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities, but we also assess their values, character, and what inspires them. Because of this approach, we confidently endorse candidates we refer for your consideration. Our solutions are cost-effective​, timely, and we guarantee our candidates.

Talent Development

We train your managers and employees on topics that enhance their competencies, knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to support your business goals while mitigating risk and reducing potential liabilities.

Your employees will experience interactive, real world training that is delivered in the right format to meet your needs — instructor-led, web-based, eLearning, blended, white-board videos, and train-the-trainer programs.

Outsourced Human Resource Management and Support Services

HR serves many roles within an organization including advisor to management, recruiter, trainer, employee relations, benefits administrator, trainer, career coach, and safety coordinator, to name a few. Our professionals can help you grow faster and achieve business goals by establishing and prioritizing the HR organizational strategy, direction, and compliance requirements.

We are prepared to assume complete oversight of HR; or expand your capabilities by providing support when your internal staff is understaffed or overburdened and not quite ready to expand. HR Anew delivers innovation, high quality, and customer service excellence. We build relationships with all levels of an employer’s workforce.

EEO and Employee Relations

Nationally, HR Anew conducts EEO investigations, counseling, and mediation services as well as management and fact-finding investigations in compliance with all federal laws, rules, and regulations set forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and other regulatory requirements as well as our clients’ policies, processes, and procedures.

As an impartial third party, we conduct comprehensive investigatory services to uncover the specifics of a complaint. Our certified staff investigates claims of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation by collecting relevant, reliable, and factual information to allow an independent reviewer to draw a conclusion as to whether a violation occurred. Our team of certified providers includes employment attorneys.